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Open an offshore company in the United Arab Emirates to take advantage of several tax benefits, total financial secrecy, and asset protection.

You can create business accounts in numerous currencies and conduct worldwide business with an offshore corporation, but you won’t be able to do so within the UAE.

Despite this limitation, offshore corporations provide plenty of great benefits:

There are no business or personal income taxes.

There are no tariffs on imports or exports.

For all shareholders and directors of the firm, complete anonymity is guaranteed.

Asset and legal safeguarding.

Setup a business quickly.

Low-cost maintenance.

License Registration

After you’ve decided on your business activity, we’ll gather all shareholder documentation required to establish the company. Some more information may be necessary depending on the entity, however the following are the most important:

  • Copies of shareholders’ passports.
  • Address proof is required.
  • Personal bank statement of a shareholder Company Business Plan.
  • Curriculum Vitae of Shareholders.

ALAF Tradezone FZE will submit all essential papers and fill out all required paperwork to expedite the company’s establishment with little involvement from you.

Corporate Bank Account Opening

While you may register numerous international accounts with an offshore company, most professionals prefer to open a business bank account in the United Arab Emirates.

This enables you to take benefit of the UAE’s unique tax advantages. We handle the rest of the procedure after collecting the essential paperwork, so you can concentrate on starting your firm.

A new corporate account might take anywhere from fifteen days to a month to open, depending on the bank and the client’s activity.

Residence Visa

With an offshore firm licence, no residence visas may be given. Because the corporation is unable to operate in the United Arab Emirates, the stockholders are unable to become residents.


An offshore corporation, unlike other mainland permits, can have 100% foreign ownership and does not require a local sponsor or a local service agent.

United Arab Emirates Taxation

Offshore firms are exempt from national taxation. The UAE government has imposed a required 5% VAT on all types of enterprises, with a few exceptions, from January 2018 by royal order.

Offshore corporations, on the other hand, are totally excluded from this and continue to be tax-free to this day.