Alef Trade Zone FZE



UAE free zones are economically self-contained tax-free zones that allow 100% foreign ownership among other corporate benefits.

There are various benefits to establishing a business in a UAE Free Trade zone, the most notable of which is the lower cost of doing so.

100% foreign ownership

0% corporate and personal income taxes

No import or export taxes

Full expatriation of Capital and profits

Readily available office options

No currency restrictions

You should invest in the Dubai Free Zone if you wish to be the sole owner of your business or corporation. Establishing a business in a Free zone gives you complete control over your company without requiring the involvement of a UAE resident. One of the primary advantages of forming a Free zone business is that you will have complete control over local and international trade. The Free zone is also known as the Free Trade Zone because of this. The Dubai Free Zone is great for foreign investors and companies since it allows you to conduct your business on your own terms.

There are a few steps you must follow in order to launch your Fee Zone business. We can assist you with all of the necessary requirements to operate lawfully within a Free Zone:

Mainland License Registration

A valid trade licence, which must be renewed annually, is required to operate your new Free Zone business. This procedure involves the submission of a specific quantity of information and documentation, and it can be intimidating at first:

  • Selecting business ventures
  • Keeping the company’s identity in the public eye
  • completing registration forms and legal paperwork
  • Applying for a work permit, which would eventually lead to a Residence Visa

We will handle everything for you and accelerate this critical step by requesting only the bare minimum of information from you.

Residence Visa

The company’s principal shareholder and staff must get a UAE Residence Visa. They normally have a three-year expiration date. Many Free Zones provide special discounts for Investor and Employee visas, such as lower fees, longer durations, and so on…

The principal shareholder will also need an EMIRATES ID, a government-issued identification card that allows residents of the United Arab Emirates to access a variety of government services, open a bank account, and buy or rent property, among other things.

Let ALEF Tradezone FZE handle any immigration-related matter because these bureaucratic activities have numerous steps and can take up to a month to complete, necessitating coordination with federal institutions.

Corporate Bank Account Opening

Another step that must be taken is to establish the financial foundation of your company. Because banks have varying criteria and restrictions, opening a business account in the UAE might take anywhere from two weeks to a month.

Let us choose the bank that best meets your business’s needs and open your account with the least amount of fuss.

Office Rental

A headquarters is required for your new free zone firm. Every new corporate account in the United Arab Emirates requires leasing a property.

Towards that, ALEF Tradezone FZE  offer a variety of options to suit your company’s needs, including fully furnished executive offices with conference and utility rooms, shared desks for online businesses needing the smallest amount of space possible at a low cost, warehouses for trading or manufacturing businesses, and even entire plots of land.